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If you are interested in our services please contact us:

Advokátní kancelář
JUDr. Marcela Neuwirthová

Firm Ostrava:

Edisonova 21/12
700 30  Ostrava Jih

tel.:+420 595 173 779
fax:+420 595 173 781

Firm Havířov:

Dělnická 1a/434
736 01  Havířov

tel.:+420 595 534 675
fax:+420 595 534 676


English Version

The law firm was founded in 1993 with a specialization in a wide area of private and public law.

Given the number of lawyers and articled clerks, and the broad scope of legal services provided, the law firm occupies one of the leading positions in the region.

The competitive advantage of the law firm lies in the quality and efficiency of legal services provided, with an emphasis on maximum customization to individual client requirements. Another advantage is also found in the mutual interchangeability of workers.

The office team has extensive experience in successful representation of clients before all kinds of courts as well as the state administration body.

The firm provides legal assistance in criminal matters, including defense in criminal proceedings, even for serious crimes/offenses.

Through their partner agencies, the firm is capable of providing legal services in the Slovak Republic, Poland, as well as Germany.

Our services:

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